Voting and Proxy Information and Instructions


If you do not plan on attending NAGM 2022 either in-person or virtually, you can assign your vote to a Proxy by filling out the form you can download here.

Please fill out, sign and email to by Friday, May, 27th.  If you do not submit your proxy by May 27, you will need to bring the proxy with you to the NAGM for on-site processing.

Absentee Ballot
If you do not plan on attending NAGM 2022 either in-person or virtually, or assigning your proxy to someone attending, then you can vote by absentee ballot.  Please refer to the Information Booklet regarding the business to be conducted at the meeting to help you with your voting.  Supplemental candidate question and answers can also be viewed here. The votes represented by this ballot will be cast as marked and will only be counted if you are an Executive Member in good standing.

Download the notice and ballot here.  Ballot is on the last page.
Ballots must be received by the AYSO Office no later than Friday, May 27. Please submit ballots to
Please do not submit an absentee ballot if you are planning to assign a proxy or attend the NAGM 2022 in person or virtually.

In-Person Voting
Turning Technologies, as in past NAGMs, will be managing our voting once again for this year’s NAGM.  If you are registered for NAGM, and an eligible voter, you will be receiving an email from AYSO prior to June 3, 2022 with a link, account sign in and session ID information and further instructions.

It is highly recommended that you use your mobile device for voting, as this will help manage having both the virtual NAGM meeting up on your screen and voting at the same time. If you prefer to use a keypad, please note that in your NAGM registration and you can pick it up in the Delegate/Proxy room onsite by June 4 at 11:30am and we will deactivate your link for a mobile device.

Once you receive your email with your account information, please use the following guides to help you get acquainted on how best to use the voting technology.

For information on how to set-up and use the Turning Technologies Mobile App click here

For information on how to log in using a web browser click here

For information on voting from a browser click here

If you are a Virtual Attendee, please reference these tips on how to “tile” your screens to help manage both the CVENT Attendee Hub and your Turning Technologies account at the same time on your computer, please view a tutorial here.

Should you run into any technical problems during the live event, please contact either Patty Mallan at or Yvonne Lara at

Please note: You must check-in the Delegate/Proxy room onsite at the hotel or via the Vote Registration Session, located in the CVENT Attendee Hub, by 11:30am PT on June 4, in order to activate your voting link.  Failure to do so will result in not being able to vote.