NAGM 2021 FAQs

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We know NAGM looks a little different this year, so please see below for some common FAQs below.

Q. Where can I find information on NAGM?
  Our NAGM Website, found at www.aysonagm.org, contains all the pertinent NAGM information including:

  • The link to the registration portal.
  • Cost, date and times.
  • Candidate and amendment booklet, voting information and proxy form.
  • Event agenda.

Q. How do I register?
You can find the registration website here – https://cvent.me/5x2gkN

Q. What is the cost this year?
Cost – $80 per EM

Q. What is included with you $80 registration?
In addition to attending the live event on May 29th, you have access to the Attendee Hub that will open on May 22nd and include many events throughout the week leading up as well as the ability to add 9 additional volunteers as guests. You will see the “Add Guest” button at the bottom of your registration page.

Q. Can you pay for other members to attend?
Yes, you have the opportunity to pay for multiple EMs to attend in one transaction with our Group Registration feature. If you plan on using this feature, please make sure that you have each of your RCs or ADs name, email, mobile and AYSO ID. For this registration, you will go through the process of registering one person and when you get to the summary page, you have the option to choose “Add Group Member” at the bottom, which will bring you back to the front page to do the same thing. Repeat until you have added all group members (up to 10 in one transaction), then you can hit the button to move onto the payment portal. If you have more than 10, you can go back in and do another transaction, you do not need to register yourself again. If a Section or Area is paying for their ADs or RCs to attend, they will be able to add their 9 guests once they receive the confirmation of their registration.

Q. How can I pay for registration?
Credit cards will be the only payment, no checks or offline payments. S/A/R can use their P cards or Divvy cards to cover the expense.

Q. How do I login to the Attendee Event Hub?
Please note that the email you use to register is the same one you will use to log into the Virtual Attendee Hub for the live events.

Q. What will be the voting process for this year’s NAGM?
There are two ways to vote for this year’s NAGM:

This year, every EM will have the opportunity to vote, regardless if they are attending NAGM or not.  We will use Turning Technologies, like we have in years past, to create our voting pathway.

  1. Register for the NAGM, receive access to the Attendee Hub which includes all live and recorded events, candidate speeches, candidate forum, amendment review and the ability to vote live during the event on Saturday, May 29, 2021.
  2. Do not register for NAGM and send in your proxy, choosing either discretionary or pre-cast proxy/absentee ballot, via email or mail to the AYSO Office by Monday, May 17, 2021. This automatically designates your Section Director to be your proxy, to establish quorum. The pre-cast proxy/absentee ballots will be counted by hand and added to the live vote on Saturday, May 29, 2021. The discretionary proxies give your voting rights to your Section Director. This option receives no access to the Attendee Hub or any of the candidate speeches or forum. The candidate and amendment booklet will be both mailed to each Executive Member and posted on the NAGM website (aysonagm.org) to review their statements and bios.
    • By submitting a discretionary proxy, you will be authorizing your proxy holder to act on your behalf as he/she chooses on any business matters brought before the meeting. *
    • *Please note: When you give your discretionary proxy to your Section Director, their vote is multiplied by the number of proxies assigned to them.  For example, an EM with 5 assigned proxies will vote once and this will be multiplied by 6 (5 proxies + EM’s vote) for the final results.

Q. What voting technology are we using this year?
We will use Turning Technologies, like we have in years past, to create our voting pathway. They will create a voting account for registered executive members for NAGM.

Q. How will voting links work?
A. Each voting link account is specific to the Executive Member and can only be used once per voting topic. All pre-cast votes will be counted after the May 17th deadline, verified by the Inspector of Elections, and then will be added to the live vote in the meeting on Saturday. At the live meeting on Saturday, May 29th, it will take Turning about 5-10 minutes to aggregate the pre-cast votes and the live votes. Once the full vote is calculated, it will be checked by the Inspector of Elections and then posted for all to see during the meeting.