Amendment Proposals


Deadline to Submit Proposed Amendments to the AYSO Bylaws and R&RsMarch 23, 2020

Any Executive Member may propose amendments to AYSO’s Bylaws or Rules & Regulations for consideration at the 2020 NAGM.  The proposed amendment must be received at the AYSO National Office by Monday, March 23 at 11:59pm Pacific Time and must be submitted in writing in accordance with amendment procedures.

How To Propose Amendments

  • Please use the motion form provided below.
  • Provide a clear designation of the section(s) or subsection(s) of either the Bylaws or the R&Rs to be amended.
  • Use the precise proposed language to be omitted and language to be added, noting the deletions and additions to the language of the current section.
  • Provide a brief explanation of the reasons for the proposed amendment.
  • Provide the name, Executive Member position, Section, Area and Region of the Executive Member(s) submitting the proposed amendment.
  • Give the proposed effective date of the proposed amendment.