Amendment Proposals

Proposals for Amendments to National Bylaws
and the National Rules and Regulations

Any Executive Member may propose amendments to the National Bylaws (“Bylaws”) and National Rules & Regulations (“R&Rs”) of the American Youth Soccer Organization (“AYSO”) for consideration at the 2023 National Annual General Meeting (“NAGM”).  The proposed amendment must be received by the AYSO Office by 11:59pm Pacific Time Tuesday, April 18, 2023 and must be submitted in writing in accordance with the following procedures. 

The written proposed amendment must contain the following information and be in the following format: 

  1. A clear designation of the section(s) or subsection(s) of either the Bylaws or the R&Rs to be amended.    
  2. The precise proposed language to be omitted and language to be added, noting the deletions and additions to the language of the current section.  
  3. A brief explanation of the reasons for the proposed amendment.  
  4. The name, Executive Member position, Section, Area and Region of the Executive Member(s) submitting the proposed amendment. 
  5. The proposed effective date of the proposed amendment must be included, and it will be determined if such implementation can be reasonably accomplished in the opinion of the AYSO Board of Directors. 
  6. Please use the AYSO Motion Form to submit all proposals.
  7. Proposed amendments must be received in WORD format.  PDFs will not be accepted.

Most current Bylaws and R&Rs

Proposed amendments to the Bylaws or R&Rs must be sent by email to Patty Mallan at: